Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to keep your Facebook privacy and enjoy without making troubles to anyone

As we all know there is lot of applications on fb. Different applications are made of different purposes some are photo tagging, some are gaming and some applications are quizzes and so on.. But now this in becoming a huge problem because on fb there are some applications they made of a good purpose in outside like photo tagging or something but inside it does a totally fake activity. The best thing is not to allow any of these applications but for some reasons we have to allow some applications. In that case we have to look what kind of permissions they asking from us so we have to think twice

Especially girls are mostly using picture tagging applications. Actually it is a fun thing but its better if u removes these applications after using it. For an example everyone know there was a something called virus on fb it tags people to *orn videos and it posts through many people’s names. All these are applications. Because in outside those applications are good and in provides something useful like Photo tagging so we are allowing permission to these applications but after giving them all the permissions they started to do what they really wanted. All applications are not fake ones. But we have to know there are fake applications too. So we have to be careful and think twice when giving them permission.  

How to manage our applications on FB

We can see all the applications that we have given permission.
  •     Click the down arrow key in the up right corner
  • ·       Click account Settings
  • ·       Click Apps in  the left option list

There you will see all the applications that you have giving permission to access your Facebook data.

You can change the permissions from using the Edit button and also you can remove unwanted applications by clicking Close (x) bottom.
Better to remove all the unknown applications

Change Privacy Settings

By changing privacy settings you can give permissions for tagging. So no one can tag u into anything until you approve them.

  • ·       Click the down arrow key in the up right corner
  • ·       Click Privacy Settings

How to connect
Click Edit Settings and Limit the way of sending Friend Requests, Messages and Posting on your Timeline (wall).

How tags work
Click Edit Settings and limits tagging into posts, videos and check you into places (very important).

Limit the Audience for past posts
Bu clicking manage past post visibility you can change the visibility of your past posts.

Block people and apps
There you can block friends, apps invites and event invites

Change Security Settings

  • ·       Click the down arrow key in the up right corner
  • ·       Click Account Settings
  • ·       Click Security 

When you are keeping the security of you Facebook account Security question is very important. And also make sure to enable source browsing all the time.

Login Notification is also very important because when we are login to fb from a new device (which is not in recognized device list) its sends us a SMS message to the mobile phone. You don’t have to keep sending massages to fb and be active by sending sms to fb. Anyway it sends login Notifications either your active or not.

Login Approval

When we are logging to fb through unrecognized device it asks permission to log by sending us a sms to the mobile. After approving it only you can log into fb. TO do this fb sms service should be always activated. But there was a problem logging to fb by some devices when Fb logging approval is activated because some devices are not supported with this feature because it doesn’t have a place to type fb login approval code. To overcome this problem you can use App password.

  • ·       Click the down arrow key in the up right corner
  • ·       Click Account Settings
  • ·       Click Security in left
  • ·       Go to app password and generate app passwords.

And also when we are logging to FB using new device it asks for a Device name and many people type some letters and click remember. This is not good because by typing a proper name we can see from what devices we have logged from. And even if we found any unknown devise we can remove it from the recognized device list. There is another benefit of that for an example let’s say we have logged from somewhere else and we forgot to log out so in that you can go to the device list and remove it.

Another thing is logging from unsafe computers. We have to think twice when we are logging from an unknown computer because they can save our keystrokes which means they can save all our passwords that we typed. To prevent this problem better to use Lastpass. We can save all our passwords in Lastpass and using it when we want to log. It’s a safe logging tool.
 On the other hand many companies blocking time killing websites like Facebook. To overcome this problem many people are using Proxy and VPN. When people are using web based proxy which means we logging from their computers and working in our place. In that case they can see what we are doing. And when we are logged from a VPN or using a proxy our computers IP address are not goes to fb. It is proxy servers IP address which will goes to fb. Then fb will recognize that we logged from different country. This makes many problems when we are logging from our own computer.

I started from Facebook applications. Actually all the applications are not take you into troubles. But some of them do. All I want to say is it’s up to you to decide.